Our Commitment

Our commitment to our clients is to build a strong, long lasting relationship. It all starts from the moment the project discussions start to way past the implementation of the project.  The way we look at it is if you’re happy with the work we’ve done for you then you will want us to do more for you in the future. We thrive on satisfying our client’s needs and looking to create new solutions for them to effectively handle their business operations.

We take pride in the work that we do for our clients so that’s why we will meet with you to discuss your needs, wants and we will offer our solutions based on what you’re looking for.  The client knows the business better then we do so we listen to our clients and implement what they want not what we think they want.   

We have a motto and that is “If you can think of it, we can build it.”  We want your business now and in the future so we won’t jeopardize anything that would compromise that.  We are committed to being here for your needs and guidance.   If you want to see a project from start to implementation then you can’t go wrong with choosing eData Management.  We don’t abandon our clients and we offer several types of payment plans for your project.   

It seems that small businesses are closed out by most IT firms because of their size and that they are just a waste of time.  We feel the opposite and believe that you should have a fair shot at competing with your competition by offering high-end technology solutions that will make your competitors envies of you.  You can’t go wrong with choosing us for your technology needs.   Contact us today! 

What Our Customers Are Saying

Don't take oDon't take our word for it read what our customers have to say.


"From our very first meeting you have been attentive to my concerns without being a "yes-man".  If you believed there was a more effective, efficient or reliable way of handling something, you showed enough vision for the end product to make we aware of it, all while keeping my preferences in mind.

Thank you again for your assistance with the re-writing of our core systems and I look forward to working with you in the future on the many improvements and efficiencies that are now possible."

Executive Insurance Agency Inc.
Randy Sower


"Thank you for your assistance with creating a comprehensive solution for several of our church's necessary databases.

Our new program will allow us to "work smarter, not harder".  This is extremely important since most of the labor required with these processes comes from volunteers.  You have helped us with the ability to gather data and produce reports that are both user-friendly and reliable.

The Kings Vineyard Church
Dr. Ralph Martin, Senior Pastor

"Having worked with programmers and developers from around the world, I always enjoy the lower stress levels I feel when working intently with eDM on a project. In each case we are developing unique and typically complicated stuff."

Ernest W. Lester, Chairman
E-LinQ Corp. USA

"I highly recommend eDM to your company as in this very high tech age it is so refreshing to work with professional's who has still managed to retain the old fashioned service attitude."

Richard W. Epton CEO
Lowe Refrigeration, Inc. 

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